About Me...

Welcome to my photography blog! I am a professional wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer.

Photography is so much more than just pictures. It’s about capturing those special moments in life and reserving a space in time, forever. I’ve spent most of my life working with clients who trust me to document those special moments.

I’m a storyteller, but instead of writing your story, I do it with my camera together with my creativity and my passion for those important moments in each client’s life.

My specialty is wedding and portrait photography, capturing memories to last a life time. Every wedding and client is unique and it’s my job to help each one tell their story.

I’m Yusuf Gunawan, a professional photographer, storyteller with a lifelong passion for the human spirit. I look forward to working with you and capturing those moments in your life that become your most important memories.

Check out my website: www.yusufgunawanphotography.com

Want to book me? Call me at +1 609.231.3212 or +62 838.484.26597 or email me gunawanphoto@yahoo.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Votes MATTERS!

I Voted for the Ronald McDonald House of Detroit. You Should too! Click here to vote

We all can help the Ronald McDonald House® of Detroit, next to Children’s Hospital of Michigan, to receive $250,000 from the Home Depot Foundation, where the money can help more families in needs during difficult time. The Ronald McDonald House® of Detroit is one of the eleven non-profit organizations that competing for the grand prize.

Your daily votes during the month of March 2012 could help them to help more families during their difficult times!

The Ronald McDonald House of Detroit has been providing a home-away-from-home to the parents with hospitalized children for years.

"Sometimes family members find themselves in a strange city without the comforting support of friends and relatives. When this happens, a parent may feel fear and defeat — at a time when the child needs the courage and love only a family member can provide. That’s where RMH/Detroit comes in …. Having family members close by has often proved to be the best medicine for a seriously ill child. But mom, dad, sister and brother can’t be there if they must pay for an expensive hotel and meal costs for weeks or months. RMH/Detroit can help." ~excerpted from The Ronald McDonald House of Detroit.

Thank you all and please share with others. Your daily votes DO matter!!!


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