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Welcome to my photography blog! I am a professional wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer.

Photography is so much more than just pictures. It’s about capturing those special moments in life and reserving a space in time, forever. I’ve spent most of my life working with clients who trust me to document those special moments.

I’m a storyteller, but instead of writing your story, I do it with my camera together with my creativity and my passion for those important moments in each client’s life.

My specialty is wedding and portrait photography, capturing memories to last a life time. Every wedding and client is unique and it’s my job to help each one tell their story.

I’m Yusuf Gunawan, a professional photographer, storyteller with a lifelong passion for the human spirit. I look forward to working with you and capturing those moments in your life that become your most important memories.

Check out my website: www.yusufgunawanphotography.com

Want to book me? Call me at +1 609.231.3212 or +62 838.484.26597 or email me gunawanphoto@yahoo.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

High Threat for Damaging System Worm Tomorrow!!!

FYI - Please update your anti-virus definition TODAY to prepare for this.
It is very important to prevent infection. In addition, do a Windows Update for any fixes.


You may have heard reports of a potentially damaging Internet worm that is scheduled to be unleashed tomorrow, April 1st. The following is an excellent read on the worm http://www.networkworld.com/news/2009/033009-conficker-april-1.html?page=1. The Department of Homeland Security has this information about the worm http://us-cert.gov/cas/techalerts/TA09-088A.html. Additionally, Microsoft issued a warning regarding this issue at http://www.microsoft.com/protect/computer/viruses/worms/conficker.mspx

In summary, there is a good deal of disagreement among the experts as to how many infected machines there are and what the intent if any of any April 1 activity is.

This worm exploits the Microsoft Vulnerability discovered in October of last year. From the article, 3 to 10 million machines have been infected and could be activated to be part of one of several types of attacks against other computer systems.

If your computer is infected, you can download the Microsoft Malware Removal Tools at http://www.microsoft.com/security/malwareremove/default.mspx.
If you have Norton products, here are the instruction how to remove the worm from your computer at http://www.symantec.com/norton/theme.jsp?themeid=conficker_worm&inidus_ghp_link_conficker_worm

Bonnie Surprise Birthday Party, October 2008 | Villas, NJ

Bonnie was so surprised when her family brought her to the Villas Fishing Club for her birthday party.

The birthday girl who just turned 25!!
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Crazy dancing scene...
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

TSA Training, October 2008 | North Cape May, NJ

The TSA and other law enforcement agencies were doing their joint force excercise training at Cape May Lewes Ferry facility in the end of summer of 2008.

BTW, I am not the suspect who they chase around OK! he he...

Most of their pictures can't be posted since it considered classified. Thus, I can't post it on the Web for that reason.

The A team!

CMLF Employees Appreciation Day, Septermber 2008 | North Cape May, NJ

The Cape May Lewes Ferry, a division of Delaware River and Bay Authority, was doing the employees appreciation day. To get some fun started, they have prepared like roasted pig, potato salad, and BBQ chicken as their menu.

They also have some games (horseshoes and volley ball) to entertain their employees. However, the best part was the water tank game where the employees have a chance to "payback time' to their supervisor, you can see it on the pictures.

Fun... fun... fun... at the Cape May Lewes Ferry....

Food is always good, right?? RIGHT....

Are you ready to be dunked???

Some pictures of terrified supervisors ha ha ha...

BBQ July 2008 | Villas, NJ

Having a good time with family and friends is always fun!!

Here are some pics from the BBQ party in July 2008.

Kori & Win's Wedding November 2007 | Indian Wells, CA

Destination Wedding:
What a beautiful setting and great weather in Hyatt Grand Champion Resort, Villas & Spa in Indian Wells, CA on Kori & Win's wedding day. I have so much fun on their wedding day. Their guests are coming different countries like Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Germany, Turkey, Netherland and Russia. It is just awesome day in Indian Wells, California.

Congrats Kori & Win!!!

Chocolate dishes that specially prepared by the Hyatt chef for the bride and groom.

Since Win love LEGO so much, they use that as their wedding cake theme.
The chef did such a wonderful job with its details.

Delicious Food at Buddakan | Atlantic City, NJ

I went to the Buddakan at Caesar Casino in Atlantic City, NJ last year. The restaurant has a great ambiance with Asian culture decoration. For the most part, I was too carried away with the fantastic food that they have to offer and of course I ate it :)

Just look at it and let me know if you want to taste it too :d YUMMYYYYYY!!!

Crab Fried Rice with Wok scrambled egg

Whole Cantonese Lobster with black bean sauce and ginger

Pan Roasted Duck Breast with roasted garlic, corn and scallion sppon bread, and five spice jus

Chocolate Pagoda (chocolate mocha chip ice cream, frozen mousse and hazelnut praline)

"The Box" (sweet cream mousse, strawberries and coconut tuile)

Vanilla Creme Brulee (vanilla custard, caramelized crust, lemon grass poached mangos and coconut gelee)

You must hungry by now he he he....

More photos to come!!!

Hi folks,
I know you might be thinking why I have not posting any of my photo assignments for the past 6 months.

I am sorry about that. I just have been busy with my photo shoots + editing and also digitized my old portfolio.

I will keep you up-to-date from now on since my digitizing old portfolio is 90% done. Thanks to God!

Alright then..... here I come with more of awesome photo shoots.... In addition, you can download or print all of my pictures at anytime from this blog. However, please include the photo border and the logo of my portfolio since the copyright of every photos are belong to me. Thanks...