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Skip's Summer School 2011 Wrap-Up

Most photographers will say that they learn something new each day on their journey to fine tune their photography skills, want to move forward in their business, and also want to be able to networking with others. Last month, I got a chance to do all of those things by participating at the greatest photographer conference, Skip's Summer School, in Las Vegas for 3 days.

I want to thank you to Skip Cohen who called me on the phone and told me to go to the event. It was one of the best moment in my photography business to be able to talk to the man who has helped the photography industry to be where it is now. He is a humble and knowledgeable person who is ready to help others to grow/develop their skills. Thank you Skip for the phone call and the friendship.

Skip Cohen, Tony Corbell and myself
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

At the conference, I learned from best of the best in the wedding/portrait photography: Jerry Ghionis, Clay Blackmore, Tamara Lackey, Bob Davis, Kevin Kubota, Jules Bianchi and Joy Bianchi Brown, Doug Gordon, Roberto Valenzuela, and Bambi Cantrell. Lastly but not the least: Skip Cohen, himself, and the man of social media, Scott Bourne.

With Scott Bourne
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

On the second day, we had a chance to get involve in hands-on workshops with the speakers of our choices. They showed us on how to improve our photography skills from lighting, posing, and composition.

A photo from Clay Blackmore hands-on workshop
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

They are famous and successful. They are also willing to help us to be a better photographer/person in any way they can for us to be excel on what we love to do. It was a wonderful thing to be able to connect with them and just talk ... and talk... not just about photography but also our personal life with them... (what amazing moment to share!!)

With Jerry Ghionis, the only Australian named by American Photo magazine in their first ever list of Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World.
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Picture together with Dustin Meyer.
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Tamara Lackey gave a lecture. She never forgot her Grand Latte Coffee :)
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

With the duo: Jules Bianchi and Joy Bianchi Brown
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Posing with the master of Flow-PosingDoug Gordon
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Picture from Bob Davis's Hands-on workshop
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Yusuf Gunawan Photography

The platform programs in the conference taught us about how to take care our business and how to hone our photography skills, from developing great photography skills to ensure that clients are receiving the very best of our skills, maximizing our marketing, and caring our clients. Thus, we are able to GROW!! in every aspect of our business in this challenging economy.

Throughout the conference, we're able to get connected with AWESOME vendors from photography equipment, software, and photography products.

Corina and Roxanne from Pixel2Canvas
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Kevin and Clare Kubota from Kubota Image Tools
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Joel from Adorama
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

On the third day/the last day of the conference, we had the honor to listen the closing keynote presentation from Vincent Laforet. He shared an amazing thing that will help us to adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape and bring your story-telling ability to a new level (from mei500.com ).
A picture with him after the presentation.
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

The best part of the conference:
I am so glad that finally be able to meet in person with some of my friends I met over the social media (Twitter and Facebook ) at the conference. It is all about networking!!!

With the local celebrity Kenny Kim
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

With Gustavo Fernandez
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Tried to get a snapshot with Clay Blackmore at the end of the conference
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

The man behind WPPI, George Varanakis
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Lindsay from PIF Photo
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

With Beverlee Barthel
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Christy Penn, Tracy Moore, Hanssie Trainor and me.
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

A good time to be able to get together again with my friend from West Coast Tamara Young, and introduced to a new friend, Ara Roselani
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

P.S.: I never eat In-n-Out Burger before; thus, Tamara Young took us there for the treat. Now, I can declare myself that I am not "In-n-Out Burger Virgin." LOL....
This is the proof of it: :D
Yusuf Gunawan Photography

What a memorable and learning experience that I had over the Skip's Summer School.

"If you want to be a better photographer ... be a better person." ~Jerry Ghionis

See you all next year at the conference again.. or might be sooner as now we are a family!!!

***Note: Pictures on this post were compiled from cell phone, point-and-shoot camera and DSLR***


Tamara at: September 22, 2011 at 1:54 PM said...

Great wrap up of Summer School, my Friend! I'm so glad you were able to join and I really hope you'll be there every year.

Glad you're not an In-N-Out Virgin anymore. That was a blast!

Now...the little one. Did you know that babies love to snack on fries and that In-N-Out makes them fresh for every order?

just sayin'...

Yusuf Gunawan Photography at: September 22, 2011 at 10:23 PM said...

Thank you so much Tamara.
I am glad that I was able to make it too. It was a great experience for me. I will be there next year to learn more for sure. Hope you'll be there too.

The little one should love it too... :)

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