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Photography is so much more than just pictures. It’s about capturing those special moments in life and reserving a space in time, forever. I’ve spent most of my life working with clients who trust me to document those special moments.

I’m a storyteller, but instead of writing your story, I do it with my camera together with my creativity and my passion for those important moments in each client’s life.

My specialty is wedding and portrait photography, capturing memories to last a life time. Every wedding and client is unique and it’s my job to help each one tell their story.

I’m Yusuf Gunawan, a professional photographer, storyteller with a lifelong passion for the human spirit. I look forward to working with you and capturing those moments in your life that become your most important memories.

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The Aftermath of Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene drew a lot of attention for the people in the East Coast.
People have to evacuate to a safer location, stocked up food and water in case they are stranded after the storm hits, be frantic of the where/how big it is, and closed major highways.

I am so glad that it had passed by from where we live. We only got a bit of winds and heavy rain. We are keeping pray for those who lost their homes, belongings, and their loved one because of Hurricane Irene.

The aftermath of the Hurricane, utilities companies have to scramble to restore electricity, gas, water and telecommunication. People are anxious to go back to their homes trying to find out if anything bad happened to their property.

Check out tips how to deal with the storm aftermath (excerpted from nj.com):
1. Road conditions may be treacherous the day after and travel bans may still be in effect, so check before leaving.

2. If you live in New Jersey, there is a Help line that help you accessing basic needs like emergency food, shelter, clothing and emotional support. Call 211 or visit nj211.org.

3. Be cautious when re-entering after an evacuation. The Federal Emergency Management Agency offers detailed tips to avoid hazards and damage after a flood.

4. Do not eat anything that may have touched flood waters. If you’ve lost power, keep refrigerators and freezers closed. Dispose of any perishable item that may have been above 40 degrees for longer than two hours. Detailed food safety information is available at nj.gov/health/er/natural.shtml

5. Dry basements slowly. FEMA recommends pumping out about one-third of the water each day. If the ground outside is saturated, removing water quickly can damage walls and floors.

6. Document your clean-up. Contact your insurance company right away. Document any damage with photos and videos. Save all receipts associated with clean up and repair.

7. Avoid the beach. Crews are still assessing damage to roads and beaches so Shore trips are inadvisable today. Check NJ.com and with municipalities for information on local conditions.

Here are some of the snapshot I took during and the aftermath of the Hurricane Irene around Atlantic and Cape May County.

Stores are boarded their windows preparing for the Hurricane Irene.

Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Access ramp to the Garden State Parkway Southbound is closed.

Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Another road block at Garden State Parkway Southbound

Yusuf Gunawan Photography

No Big Macs for you today!

Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Fallen Tree on the roadway

Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Debris still on the roadway

Yusuf Gunawan Photography

Wish you all are safe!!!


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