About Me...

Welcome to my photography blog! I am a professional wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer.

Photography is so much more than just pictures. It’s about capturing those special moments in life and reserving a space in time, forever. I’ve spent most of my life working with clients who trust me to document those special moments.

I’m a storyteller, but instead of writing your story, I do it with my camera together with my creativity and my passion for those important moments in each client’s life.

My specialty is wedding and portrait photography, capturing memories to last a life time. Every wedding and client is unique and it’s my job to help each one tell their story.

I’m Yusuf Gunawan, a professional photographer, storyteller with a lifelong passion for the human spirit. I look forward to working with you and capturing those moments in your life that become your most important memories.

Check out my website: www.yusufgunawanphotography.com

Want to book me? Call me at +1 609.231.3212 or +62 838.484.26597 or email me gunawanphoto@yahoo.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

New Website + SmugMug Review

Finally, couple weeks ago, I get my website to transferred to SmugMug Pro. It is is the easiest and so powerful web hosting for any professional photographer. My website is customized by Fast Line Media.

SmugMug is designed for the users to be able to upload and arrange photos easily; it has unlimited storage space, fully customized galleries, awesome privacy control, and really professional looks and features.

You can download your images either through its website or through Adobe Lightroom, Aperture and other photo programs. There is no disk space limitation and also no annual purchase requirements. You can upload all the pictures you want and keep it safe and secure.

Each galleries are customizable and you are able to share your pictures with your clients. SmugMug enables you to keep your clients informed with your latest and greatest photos where you can set up the RSS feeds.

SmugMug has three tiers for their plans: Basic, Power and Professional Users. For $150 a year, you can have control over your website. You has the ultimate way to sell and make profits for your photos. As the Power ($60) and Professional ($150) users, you can customized your homepage with custom slideshow, customize via HTML, CSS and Javascript, and also you can use your own custom hostname and right-click protection!

Give it a FREE trial at SmugMug. I have a $5 coupon code for you to use E7DYpjKJTzoRb

Please check it out my website www.yusufgunawanphotography.com and leave me a comment of what you think.

Thank you and keep shooting.


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